What we do

We ensure that your bins are never left overflowing! At PBC, we provide you with private bin collections on weeks where your council doesn’t. This means you’ll no longer need to worry about overfilled and smelly bins ever again.

The best part is that we collect all kinds of residential waste meaning that we can offer you a customised service tailored to your needs.

Why we do it

The UK government is focused on reducing how often the council pickup residential waste – moving from weekly to fortnightly collections. For many, this is not frequent enough and households are left with unhealthy living conditions because of their overflowing bins.

We noticed that, without a private bin collection service like us, residents were left to endure these conditions or were forced to dispose of their waste at the tip. We had to take action.

Who may need private bin collections?

For larger households, having more frequent bin collections is a must. Families of four or more produce considerable amounts and variety of rubbish. Relying on the council's two week collection days is simply not good enough and missing a collection day could be devastating for these households.
Cohabiting professionals also benefit greatly from our services since these residents tend to produce a large amount of waste because it it uncommon to share groceries and so, on average there is more food waste each week.
Special Occasions
We have seen many of our customers use our tailored service for short-term collections too. After home decorating, parties or during the festive period, many households take advantage of our short-term private bin collections.

How it all works

We collect on alternative weeks to your local council for all your general household waste. For services such as food, glass, or clinical waste we supply you with your very own bin and collect on a customised schedule for your convenience.