About Us

Here, at PBC Waste Management, we are determined to provide you with a service which truly makes a difference to your life. We are a small business which was set up because we were frustrated with the lack of household rubbish collection options from the local councils. 


We noticed that larger residencies were given the same amount and frequency of collection days as smaller households. This simply did not make sense to us. We knew we had to offer larger households better options.



Our household rubbish collection partners

We have many well-established and credible partners which help us deliver an amazing domestic rubbish collection service to you. We have a great relationship with our partners and because they are dotted all around Great Britain, in the future we will be able to offer our services across the whole of the UK – for now we are supporting households in Leeds, Bradford, and Birmingham.


Another fantastic benefit to our vast partner network is that we can create tailor-made packages for all types of household rubbish collection needs. We can customise your pickup days, how frequently we pick up your rubbish and we can even collect specific types of waste such as glass or food. 



Our household rubbish collection goal

We want to make your streets cleaner and your life easier! We know that the best way to do that is by offering as many household rubbish collection options to you as possible. Life’s easier with options and being left with only the council’s services certainly makes life harder. 



Our environmental commitment 

We’re committed to making a positive impact on the environment. As such, we encourage all our customers to reduce their landfill output by offering them quick and easy recycling options through our tailor-made domestic rubbish collection services.


Our partners include national material recovery specialists who share our environmental vision and passionate values. They allow us to effectively recycle and safely dispose of your household waste.


It is now more important than ever for everyone to recycle. Recycling has the capacity to have a world-saving impact and that’s why we have developed our services with a minimal landfill focus. At PBC we are proud to be offering such services.