Our bin collection services

At PBC, we offer a range of bin collection services. You can combine these services or just choose one. Either way, after talking to one of our team members, we can create a tailored package perfect for your needs. 



General waste


This is our most popular bin collection service. Every household produces plenty of general waste. It includes all the rubbish you put into your black/grey bin. This waste cannot be recycled so make sure that you are not putting your recyclable material in this bin. 



Recycling bin collection


This is another very popular PBC service. There is an expectation for every UK household to recycle as much as they can. It includes all the rubbish you usually put into your blue wheelie bin. The types of material we can collect in this bin are referred to as ‘dry mixed recycling’.



Food waste


Having a separate bin specifically for food waste is a fantastic way you can have a positive impact on the environment. Unfortunately, because of the limited bin options provided by the local councils, most households put their food waste into their general waste bin. 



Glass waste bin collection


Households produce quite a lot of glass waste each week. The most common glass waste being bottles and jars. Glass can be recycled which is why it is important to separate it from your general waste – especially because if the glass breaks it could rip your bin bags. It cannot, however, be put into your dry mixed recycling and you will need an alternative bin. 



Skip hire


Our PBC customers occasionally need a short-term bin collection service for when they produce an abnormal amount of waste in a short period of time. Examples are when they are moving house, decorating, hosting parties, or celebrating the festivities. A skip is the perfect solution for this. 



Other services


Because of our vast partner network, we can offer a variety of residential waste collections. We can collect clinical, hazardous or even secure document waste upon your request.