We find that our PBC customers who are hosting parties, moving house, celebrating the festivities, or decorating seek our skip hire service as a short-term bin collection solution. That’s because these special occasions often cause a lot of mess in a short period of time.



We offer a range of skip sizes from Mini to Large. Below is some more information on each size’s best use, dimensions and an estimate for how much each can hold.

PBC Skip SizesPBC Skip Hire ServicePBC Skip Hire ServicePBC Skip Hire Service

(From left to right we have Mini, Midi, Builder’s, and Large)



Perfect for small house or garden clear ups. Its capacity is 25 bags and its dimensions are 1.52m x 1.22 x 0.76m (L x W x D)



Great for kitchen or bathroom refurbishments. Its capacity is 40 bags and its dimensions are 1.83m x 1.29m x 0.97m



Fantastic for larger construction waste projects. Its capacity is 80 bags and its dimensions are 3.66m x 1.68 x 1.22m



Brilliant for house clearances and bulkier waste such as sofas. Its capacity is 200 bags and its dimensions are 3.70m x 1.78m x 1.68m


Have you ever wondered why so many skips are yellow? Well its all based off of how visible they are. In 1971, the Highways Act imposed more regulations on skip use. They imposed that they had to be visible at all times, including in the dark. Yellow was deemed to be the best choice as it was more visible in low light than plain white. These days, some modern skips even include lights for the maximum visibility.


Another bonus fact for you: The word skip is believed to have come from ‘skep’, which was an old English word for basket. Since a skip is essentially a large wastebasket, people first referred to them as a ‘skep’, which gradually evolved into ‘skip’.


If you need a skip then we are here to help. We can provide any of the 4 sizes (above) and deliver and pickup on dates suited to you.