Top tips to stay on top of housework during lockdown


Make lists

Tackling housework during lockdown can actually be quite tricky. It may seem obvious to some, especially with Instagram sensation Mrs Hinch’s ‘Hinch list’ craze, but setting out your tasks before you start will revolutionise your habits if you don’t already do it.

Listing gives you clear and concise goals and can stop you from getting side-tracked in a busy house. This tactic allows you to prioritise easily, and there’s also the added morale boost of checking off your final to-do.


Space it out 

Try to avoid allocating a couple of hours once a week to complete your housework and instead integrate smaller slots into your routine. Taking a little and often approach will make tidying both more manageable and enjoyable, and lowers the risk of becoming overwhelmed by your chores.

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Work together 

There’s no better time to introduce teamwork into housework than when your family are all stuck inside. Getting the kids involved keeps them occupied and takes a task off your hands too. Offer rewards for stubborn children or add some music and you’ll all enjoy it more. It will also help family members establish responsibility for their own spaces.


Clean as you go – our best tip to stay on top of housework during lockdown

After you’ve indulged in your dinner and maybe one too many isolation drinks, doing the washing up may be the last thing on your mind. But getting tasks done on the go will make the rest of your routine infinitely easier and when you walk into a clean kitchen in the morning, you’ll thank yourself.


Clear out clutter and rubbish 

Now is the perfect time to start the spring clean you’ve delayed for years and de-clutter your living space. The less you own, the less you need to clean and organise, and the added space will never have been so welcome. As well as clutter, the additional time you’re spending at home may have resulted in overflowing waste.

It’s a great opportunity to improve your recycling practice, and if your regular pick-ups aren’t cutting it, there’s the option to organise extra collections.